Should You Invest at Vivara (VIVA3)?

VIVARA History


These will be a mixed IPO, i.e. it will have both a primary offering and a secondary offering.

Why VIVARA need the IPO?

Considering the average price of the indicative range of R$ 23.29, the company will debut with a market value of R$ 5.5 billion.

  1. Opening of new stores (65%),
  2. Expansion of the manufacturing park (15%),
  3. Launch of a new brand (12.5%) and
  4. Investment in technology and innovation (7.5%).


Vivara’s valuation is being considered higher than Tiffany’s market value. Tiffany is one of the most valuable jewelry brands in the world, with a much more extensive history and market consolidation in the US than the Brazilian.

Price / Net Revenue
  1. Most of the trading volume will not go to the company’s cash for new investments, but the founding shareholders.
  2. High Valuation.


Vivara has products ranging from R$ 50 toR $ 5000, i.e., from the small gift to a piece of jewelry. This price positioning allows Vivara to compete, for example, for the small gift market like a premium chocolate box.


It is hard to believe that the Brazilian market will react quickly in the next 18–24 months to justify the need for so many new store expansion across Brazil for the next five years.



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